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[RIRA] Summoned Divine Bow – Apollou(r)sa

Các bạn còn nhớ "Light and Darkness Dragon" không nhỉ??

RIRA-JP048 召命の神弓-アポロウーサ Shoumei no Shinkyuu – Apollou(r)sa (Summoned Divine Bow – Apollou(r)sa)
Link 4 WIND Fairy Link Effect Monster
Links: Top, Bottom Left, Bottom, Bottom Right
Materials: 2 or more monsters with different names, except Tokens
(1) You can only control 1 “Summoned Divine Bow – Apollou(r)sa”.
(2) The Original ATK of this card becomes the number of monsters used as Link Materials for this card x 800.
(3) If your opponent activates a monster effect (Quick Effect): You can activate this effect; this card loses exactly 800 ATK, and if it does, negate that activation.

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